A health and bulk food store in Fenelon Falls committed to the environment, healthy living, and the community.

Meet the Team

Julia, Owner

I care very deeply about our lakes and our natural environment and this stems from being very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy environment is deeply interconnected with being a healthy people.

My intentions with Country Cupboard is to make leading a healthy lifestyle accessible, and community environmental impact easy in our lovely small town. I also wish Country Cupboard to be a friendly helpful space with a positive and compassionate vibe.


Carson has worked at Country Cupboard for over ten years. He has worked at health food stores for over twenty five years and is extremely knowledgeable on herbs, supplements, and how they interact with each other and prescription medicine.

Carson is one of the most generous and compassionate persons I have gotten to know, and has been an excellent mentor and friend throughout the transitioning of the store. I'm thankful to know him and that our community has him.



Brenden is a full time student in the Educational Support program at Fleming and this is his third year working at the store. He also provides respite and quality hang time with some pretty cool young men that require assistance.

A long time resident of Fenelon Falls you may have noticed him out running or at the local running and snowshoe races. A few years ago he placed third in the snowshoe races and won a trip to Ottawa with Jamie Schmale!

Brenden is hardworking, reliable, and friendly, and I certainly appreciate him at the store.