In the fridge

Healing Spirit Nutrition Coconut Kefir original/no sugar added 500ml $13.99 1000ml $24.99

Healing Spirit Nutrition Cashew spread 227g $13.99   454g $26.99 

Empire Cheese/ cheese curds (call for availability and prices)

Now Lecithan granules 454g $26.99

Organic Flax Seed Oil 350ml $11.99    500ml $16.99

Hemp seed oil 355ml $9.99   946ml $23.99

Organic hemp seed oil 500ml $16.99   250ml $9.99

 Maple Syrup $9.99/lb

 Daiya farmhouse block vegan cheese assorted flavours 200g $5.99

 Tofurkey vegan deli slices assorted flavours 5.5oz $5.99

 Vegepate vegan pate by Fontaine Sante 227g $4.99

 Earth balance vegan buttery spread large tub 1.3kg $19.99

 Silk vanilla coconut dairy free coffee creamer 473ml $3.99

 Brew Dr clear mind kombucha 946ml $8.99

 Silver Hills sprouted grains bread and buns $4.99-$5.99

On the shelves


Kawartha Lakes Honey 500g $8.99    1kg $13.99

Kawartha Lakes Honey Buckwheat 500g $10.99    1kg $16.99 

Kawartha Lakes Honey creamed 500g $6.99    1kg $13.99

Heavenly Organics neem honey 500g $10.99

Manuka Honey 500g K factor 16 $45.99   250g $26.99

Bee pollen 150g $12.99

Bee's Wax Kawartha Lakes Honey  (puck) $2.99 

Jam/nut butters

Hubers mennonite jam assorted 500ml $7.99

Crofters sugar free jam assorted 235ml $4.99

Organic peanut butter smooth/crunchy 750g $11.99 

Almond butter crunchy/smooth 500g $19.99

Organic tahini 250g $5.99  500g $9.99

Organic cashew butter 250g $10.99   500g $18.99

Organic Sunflower seed butter 500g $8.99

Rainforest Nut Butter w/Coconut oil 250g $8.99 


Wholesome Agave Syrup 240ml $9.99    480ml $12.99

Xylosweet xylitol 3lbs $24.99  75 packets $12.99 

Erythritol Organic 500g $14.99 

Stevia powder 28g $13.99  100 packets $13.99  liquid 60ml $17.99

Organic molasses 662g $8.99  1.33kg $16.99

Pickled Products

Kountry Korner pickles garlic/sweet 500ml $7.99

Eden Organic sauerkraut 796ml $9.99

Eden organic Kimchi 447ml $9.99

Eden organic 3 onion sauerkraut $7.99

Sauces and vinegars

Bragg soy sauce 473ml $8.99

Bragg coconut aminos 296ml $9.99

Bragg raw organic apple cider vinegar 946ml $9.99  473ml $6.99

Filsingers Organic apple cider vinegar 945ml $8.99   500ml $5.99

Eden organic red wine vinegar 473ml $5.99 

Organic white wine vinegar 500ml $10.99 

Organic balsamic vinegar 500ml $10.99

Eden organic brown rice vinegar 296ml $7.99

San-j tamari 296ml $9.99

Organic lemon juice 473ml $8.99

Organic lime juice 473ml $8.99

Organic yellow mustard 253ml $4.99

Organic brown mustard $5.99

Ketchup Organic sugar free 250ml $8.99

BBQ Sauce organic sugar free 250ml $8.99

Organic salsa by Simply Natural chunky/mild 470ml $5.99 

Bragg Apple Cider Vinaigrette no sugar plain or pomegranate 354ml $8.99

Simply Natural Organic red siracha sauce 473ml $11.99

Spectrum Organic Mayo and vegan mayo 473ml $6.99

Organic gluten free vegan worcestershire sauce 251ml $10.99 

Simply Natural vegetarian gravy mix 28g $1.99  

Simply Natural french onion dip mix 28g $2.49



 Organic raw coconut oil 414ml $9.99   858ml $19.99

 Organic cacao butter 227g $12.99

 Avocado oil 500ml $15.99

 Camelina cold pressed fax oil 25ml $16.99

 Camelina cold pressed flax oil roasted garlic and chili/roasted onion and basil 252ml $13.99

Bragg organic olive oil 946ml $31.99

Lee's organic ghee 210g $24.99  105g $14.99

Organic coconut mana 425g $13.99

Organic coconut ghee 414ml $14.99 

Nutiva red Palm oil 444ml $10.99

Organic expeller pressed sunflower oil $7.49/lb 


Mori nu silken tofu 340g $3.99

Daiya vegan macaroni and cheese with bacon bits 309g $4.99

Cha's young jackfruit in a can 400ml $5.99

Filsingers organic apple sauce 750ml $5.99 

Filsingers organic pear sauce 500ml $4.99

Tomato Products

Simpy Natural tomato and basil pasta sauce 739ml $6.99 

Organic diced tomatoes 498ml $3.99

Organic tomato paste 156ml $1.99

Organic pizza sauce by Eden 398ml $4.99


Sweet and salty treats

 Gaga gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies 142g $6.99 

The Shortbread bakery salted caramel shortbread cookies 128g $4.99

 Bean crisps salt of the earth/chili/salsa 170g $4.99



Eden organic unsweetened soy milk 946ml $4.99

Just juice organic juices pear/grape/cherry/pineapple/carroprune 1l $7.99-12.99

Coco vegan organic  hot chocolate plain/salted caramel 150g $6.99


Traditional Medicinals



Organic India 

Uncle Lee's Tea

Lee's tea 

One Coffee




SD's tea


Touch Organics


Ethical Bean

Protein bars/gum

Suzie good fats all flavours $2.99

Roo bar all flavours $3.49

Jennies goji moji $3.49 

Purefit assorted flavours $2.99

Pur gum assorted flavours $1.99

EO natural hand sanitizer 60ml $4.99

Fresh breath spray  organic 10ml $4.99

Zero waste accessories

Stainless steel straws and cleaners assorted sizes $2.99

Safety razor w/5 blades $25.99

Safety razor adjustable w/5 blades $58.99

Safety razor refill 20 blades $8.99

Bamboo toothbrush adult/child $8.99

Organic cotton resuable produce bag small $9.99

Organic cotton resuable produce bag meduim $12.99

Organic hemp nut milk bag $14.99 

Organic cotton tote with bottle holder inserts $13.99 

KD cloth $7.99